1. One-Time Electronic Offering made from your debit/credit card or 

    checking/savings account;

    -In the Give Now box above, simply enter the amount of your giving, click “

     add a donation,” “next” and follow the on-screen payment instructions.

2. Recurring Electronic Offering (you decide the amount and what day(s) of

    the month the payment will be debited from your account);


    Two options:

    A. Create a Give Plus account, by clicking on the Sign In/Sign Up button

         listed above. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an online profile.


    B. Contact the church office to sign up via a paper form

3. Give Plus App;

     -In the app store search for “Give Plus”

     -Search for House of Prayer by name or by zip code (58504)

     -Establish login credentials and follow the sign-up instructions (please 

      note: these credentials will also work for the “Give Now” link on the 

      House of Prayer website)

4. Mail-in your check or send a Bill Payment check to:

    House of Prayer Lutheran Church                                                                                  1470 S Washington St                

    Bismarck ND 58504                                                                                   


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